Badger vaccination:

we aim to keep prices as affordable as possible. Obviously this is a business and how we make our living so we need to make a profit, however we believe in this policy and approach to bovine tb control. Costs vary from project to project because of size of farm, amount of woodland etc etc. but as a general rule of thumb::

An average sized 150 acre family farm, with +/-15 acres of woodland where the farmer knows where most sets and badger runs are and is willing to assist in the project would cost around £17.50 per acre to vaccinate. Larger farms would be less per acre, smaller places with more woodland more.

If neighbours join together, (which we highly recommend for epidiemological reasons) you benefit from these economies of scale so you pay less per acre.

Obviously in areas where a 50% grant is available these cost would be halved.

Tb testing:

Annual whole herd tests and short interval tests are paid for by APLA although there may be travel costs.

Training courses overseas:

At cost + per diem.