About us

Barefoot vets is a 2 vet practice based in the welsh borders. Born and bred in the farming community we are 6th generation beef and sheep farmers ourselves.

For the past 7 years we have been heavily involved with Tb testing here and in Herefordshire.

Frustrated at the lack of progress against this disease and the endless testing stimulated us to explore other options.

We believe that culling does not offer a long term solution, especially in ” clean areas” as nature will always fill a vacuum; i.e. other badgers will move into an area with available food, possibly (probably) bringing disease with them.

We strongly believe that good bio-security and a healthy badger population are the best ways of protecting your animals. We have worked as large animal vets in the UK and with wildlife both here and abroad (we have published in peer reviewed journals on both of these) so understand this issue from both a farming and conservation perspective.


Keith Teaching in Ethiopia
Keith Teaching in Ethiopia