Barefoot Vets

OUR WORK: All our work is carried or supervised by out by fully qualified and experienced  large animal vets.

We offer

    • Badger vaccination delivered by vets with optional  bespoke bio security programmes tailored to your land and buildings. We aim to empower farmers and landowners to take the initiative and tackle Bovine Tb on there own land
    • Badger vaccination for wildlife trusts and private reserves who wish to protect their badgers and their neighbours stock.

Badger Vaccination

  • Chemical immobilisation (darting) of wild or dangerous animals


  • Veterinary training in developing countries. Animals are essential to millions of families in the developing world; The availability of  Veterinary medicine and competent practitioners is crucial for food security, human health and animal welfare. We offer practical training for basic veterinary health workers at a village level (barefoot vets) through to courses for fully qualified DVM’s. We have delivered courses in regions as diverse as southern Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan), The Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia) and the Middle East (Palestinian West Bank in Israel), for clients as diverse as the British Army (via SPANA), Brooke Hospital for Animals, The committee for rehabilitation and aid to Afghanistan (CRAA), the donkey Sanctuary and private individual philanthropists.